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 John Walker  Peter Howarth

John is the creative influence and deals with the graphic design and print areas of our work. His artistc abilities are matched with experience across all types of digital imaging tools & methods including 3D modelling.

His design work can be seen on all the printed material illustrated on this website, and in the style of all our client websites.

John took his diploma in design and graphical illustration from the college of art & design in Poole, and quickly gained commissions as a technical illustrator.

Moving on to Rolls-Royce he then worked in creative design and produced highly detailed 3D models of jet engines.

His work within the Rolls-Royce marketing group gave him a firm grounding in the type of corporate marketing design work, and designing to business requirement that we work with here.

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Peter is the technical guru and deals with the IT and programming elements of the work. He specialises in web development and is experienced at leading enterprise level web projects for large companies.

His advanced programming, with databases and dynamic web pages, brings our web applications to life and combined with the graphic design work he can

create a website that both looks great, and has powerful functionality to meet your bespoke business needs.

Peter graduated from Bristol University with a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering and went on to work at Rolls-Royce in engineering within defense aerospace operations.

Subsequently he moved to Data Systems & Solutions where he headed up the web operations within the corporate marketing team, and he now runs two large ECommerce businesses.

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